Eyescanner helps customers create a safe, drugfree work environment by tackling drug related issues with preventive and controlling interventions, in a way that is modern, flexible and that respects personal integrity. Eyescanner is considered to be a simple and accepted drugtest, for a safer and thrusting workplace environment.  The digital test procedures are considered to be the most sustainable methods for the future. Although the Eyescanner technology is advanced, the implementation of the test is very simple.

10–15% of the employees in a workplace have substance abuse problems.

Drug abuse costs Swedish society about SEK 23 billion per year. A large part of the cost is due to a decrease in production, which in turn depends on reduced work capacity and sick leave.

Every year, about 200 000 people die from drug abuse around the world. In 2017, Sweden had the second highest number of drug related deaths in the entire EU.

“Today, compared to ten years ago, it could be any person. Ten years ago, it was rather junkies. It has become like drinking alcohol.”

HR Rehab

The methods we use for drug testing are experienced as intrusive to integrity. So, when a manager rises suspicion towards an employee, you have to be sure about it. Once you suspect the individual, and the test shows that it is nothing… that damage is quite difficult to repair, it affects their relationship between the manager and the employees.”