AI-based software
for drug testing

AI-based software for drug testing

A mobile device with the Eyescanner app loaded.

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High-tech algorithms enables practical use

Eyescanner is an AI-based software that detects the influence of drugs through image analysis of the eye area. This is done by filming a sequence on a person’s eye. Eyescanner is both faster, easier and less intrusive than other traditional methods such as saliva or urine tests.

It is clear that drugs affect the central nervous system, which for example is reflected in the eye’s reaction and movement patterns. Our software finds and analyzes a number of scientifically proven measurement values in the eye area that are significant for drug influence.

The harmful effects of drug abuse

  • In 2018, Sweden had the highest drug-related mortality in Europe, 81 deaths per million inhabitants. That is almost four times more than the EU average.
  • In 2019, 10% of all fatal traffic accidents were drug-related. Despite this, there is currently a lack of technology in vehicles for detecting drug-affected drivers.
  • According to information from the police, drunk driving under the influence of drugs has increased by 38% in recent years, while drunk driving under the influence of alcohol has decreased.
A person driving a car.

There is a decriminalization and legalization, especially of cannabis, around the world. This requires new drug tests that detect ongoing intoxication to assess driveability and work ability.

The number of drug tests performed at workplaces has more than doubled in 2013-2020. Every twentieth person tested is positive, which entails an increased risk of ill health and accidents.

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Based on swedish research

The development of Eyescanner is based on ongoing research studies. These are done in collaboration with a number of major players such as Sahlgrenska University Hospital, the Swedish research institute RISE and Qamcom Research & Technology. Actors such as Chalmers, Autoliv and the Swedish Transport Administration also participate in a reference group. The eye's reaction and movement patterns are complex and a number of different research tracks will form the basis for the software.

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The development of Eyescanner is done in collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Qamcom Research & Technology, the research institute RISE and Future Memories.