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High-tech algorithms enables practical use

Eyescanner is an AI-based software that detects the influence of drugs through image analysis of the eye area. This is done by filming a sequence on a person’s eye. Eyescanner is both faster, easier and less intrusive than other traditional methods such as saliva or urine tests.

It is clear that drugs affect the central nervous system, which for example is reflected in the eye’s reaction and movement patterns. Our software finds and analyzes a number of scientifically proven measurement values in the eye area that are significant for drug influence.


Tungviktaren går in i ex-polisernas startup – tack vare Breakit

Drogtestbolaget och Shift-finalisten Eyescanner fortsätter väcka uppmärksamhet bland Sveriges främsta techinvesterare.
Nu har Henrik Persson Ekdahl gått in som ny delägare – efter en artikel från Breakit.

Sahlgrenska Science Park

Meet Jenny Johansson and Stefanie Najafi, founders of Eyescanner.

The founders of Eyescanner interviewed by EFN Ekonomikanalen.

The harmful effects of drug abuse

In 10% of the fatal accidents in traffic 2019, the drivers were under the influence of drugs. In recent years drug impaired driving has increased by 38%, while drunk driving decreased.


How can you detect if a person is under the influence of drugs? What physical and mental signs should you look for? What are typical slang words for drugs and what paraphernalia should you be observant of if you see?

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We want to contribute to a positive societal development by providing a faster and less intrusive method for drug testing.

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