An image depicting the founders, Jenny Johansson and Stefanie Najafi.

The people behind Eyescanner

Eyescanner was founded in 2019, and is led by two female entrepreneurs, Jenny Johansson and Stefanie Najafi. Both have worked at the police department and at the Swedish security police for many years - Jenny as a psychologist, and Stefanie as a police officer. Stefanie also worked for many years in a national group against serious organized crimes, where the main focus has been on the fight against drugs.

It was from the work within the police that the need for a digital drug test in the form of a screening tool arose. After a needs analysis, carried out together with Chalmers University of Technology, a huge demand was identified for a new, more effective way of drug testing from both private companies, the automotive industry and healthcare.

Today, around 27 million people in the world have severe drug problems and the effects are striking. Together, we want to contribute to a positive societal development by providing a faster and less intrusive method that enables early detection – saving suffering and lives.

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For the above reasons, the founders wanted to develop a software that can be implemented and used in different kinds of contexts.
So, they created Eyescanner Technology.

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One of the founders pointing at a presentation of the app.